The Right Dosage for Taking Winstrol, And the Lesser Known Side Effects

The Right Dosage for Taking Winstrol, And the Lesser Known Side Effects

Other (indirect) effects:

  • Infections – due to injection of non-sterile needles, in non-sterile conditions or by injection of counterfeit steroids
  • Scars – in the mass of the muscle where the injections are made.
  • Phlegm, abscesses – infective formations in the muscle mass, very painful, is a medical emergency resolved by surgery.
  • Psychological effects – it seems that in the brain there are special receptors for testosterone that also respond to steroids. They are responsible for aggression and irritability but for self-confidence too. It is possible that some of these effects may be the root of autosuggestion, the awareness that steroids make you stronger. Criminal steroids have also been linked, but they cannot make a secure connection, being just assumptions. Experiments have shown that only a small part of the consumer subjects have had effects that affect their ability to perform their service duties and integration into society, and only in very rare cases has dangerous behavior been reported for themselves and for others. Anyone who finds that steroids make you strong and give you a good feeling, will not easily give up on them, even faced with stifling evidence about the harmful effects on health.
  • Also due to the changes they make in the body, steroids also give an abstinence syndrome, like drugs, but much easier.
  • The most common symptom of deprivation of steroids is depression, but also: fatigue, nervousness, irritability, loss of appetite, insomnia, impotence or reduced libido.

These effects can be maintained for long periods of time, up to a year.

Winstrol administration

The proper dosing would include 15-25 mg per day for oral and 25-50 mg per day for the injection. To reduce the number of injections, it can be given once every two days, between 50 mg and 100 mg. Injections have a much better quality-price ratio, so they are more likely to be used.

In rare cases, the 50 mg dose is used in a higher dose, every two days, with only professional bodybuilders rising to 100 mg. But they also take large doses only 7-10 days before the contests for a most striking shot.

Athletes use the oral option to administer low doses of 5 mg/day. Cycles last between 4 and 6 weeks.


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