MyRepublic Will Offer Mobile Service to Singaporeans Early in 2018

MyRepublic Will Offer Mobile Service to Singaporeans Early in 2018

During the first quarter of 2018, MyRepublic is planning the launch of mobile services within Singapore. MyRepublic is a Web service provider and the company has gotten seven million Singapore dollars’ worth of funding from Makara Capital. The funding will make this new initiative possible. Some of the funding will be utilized to develop the mobility platform, which will be cloud-based, while other funds will be used for other business purposes.

The development of the mobile service platform and its proposed launch date were announced on the 22nd of November 2017. Funding from Makara Capital will accelerate the launch plans. The Chief Executive Officer of MyRepublic is named Malcolm Rodrigues and he has stated that MyRepublic was, at first, planning to start mobile services within Singapore by utilizing a MVNO model, via a partnership with a local telecommunications company. However, as the MyRepublic team brainstormed, the team made the decision to launch services of the mobile type to its current markets, which are Indonesia, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia, rather than targeting just one market.]

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After this shift in plans, the decision to launch mobile services in the island city-state of Singapore, before expanding into other markets, was made. Then, a proposed launch date was set. Indonesia and Australia will need to wait longer in order to access these services, which should be available to them by mid-2018.

In the past, reps from MyRepublic reported that mobile services within Singapore would be ready for launch by October of 2017. Right now, the team at MyRepublic are testing out the platform, with a mind to launching shortly.

What Should Consumers Expect?

The CEO of MyRepublic says that Singaporean consumers will love how competitive the new mobile service is. This may mean that it will offer premium, cutting-edge mobile services which provide plenty of value to customers. However, he declined to go into detail and says that more information will be released to the public over the next few months. In general, MyRepublic’s business philosophy is to compete on value, rather than on prices. The company is aware that TPG is also going to offer mobile services in Singapore. TPG got a telco license (over MyRepublic) in December of 2016.

MyRepublic Wants to Grow

The CEO of MyRepublic has big plans and he’s going to use some of the new funding to build the company’s enterprise and consumer markets. He also plans to beef up customer service. In addition, the CEO wants to expand the firm’s target markets. There are currently four markets, but there could be more in the future. Possible new markets include Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

It will probably take around five years before MyRepublic is able to expand beyond its current four markets.

It will be interesting in see how MyRepublic fares in the competitive Singaporean mobile services niche, especially since a big competitor is also going to offer the same type of service. However, MyRepublic seems to be poised to dominate the niche.

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