Is Sustanon An Appropriate Dietary Supplement For Bodybuilders?

Is Sustanon An Appropriate Dietary Supplement For Bodybuilders?

Sustanon drug is designed to enhance male testosterone levels, especially for those suffering from testosterone deficiency or hypo-gonadism. Even fitness and sports community prefer it for increased strength, lean muscle gain and better stamina.

Natural testosterone is regulated by pituitary gland and hypothalamus. In case of low T-level, doctors prescribe bio-identical Testosterone. It is available in the form of topical creams or injection. Steroids purchase needs a valid prescription from doctors.

Nevertheless, athletes and bodybuilders look for black market sources or underground lab to purchase testosterone.

Working mechanism of Sustanon

Four kinds of esters are blended to form Sustanon. What is the significance of esters? Well, ester added allows the drug to lengthen the half life of the drug. It dictates the time supplement remains active in the blood.

Typically, Testosterone products contain just a single ester but Sustanon includes –

  1. 100mg testosterone decanoate
  2. 60mg Testosterone isocaproate
  3. 60mg Testosterone phenylpropionate
  4. 30mg Testosterone propionate

The half-lives of every kind of ester blended in Sustanon differ and each produce different time length, when T-injection gets administered and enters the blood.

Sustanon used as work steroid

Medical community never recommend steroid usage for leisure purpose. However, bodybuilders use topical creams or injections because it boosts muscle protein generation and burn fat. Moreover, it helps to improve T-level, which in turn enhances anabolism.

Therefore Sustanon is used along with other steroids to improve benefits. Several athletes use it for muscle recovery, after heavy training bout or a marathon.

Benefits of Sustanon differ from one person to another.  It is a popular anabolic steroid used in fitness and sports community because multiple esters are present in it.

Benefits of Sustanon generally depend on the user’s age, purpose, lifestyle, diet, and exercise level. Active testosterone ingredients are used in the drug in 4 different forms, which gets transformed into testosterone when injected. It is very potent.

Along with benefits, it is wise to learn the risks related to high or long-term use of Sustanon. It is very dangerous to use alcohol, when on Sustanon regimen. People with heath issues or allergic to peanut oil must avoid it.

Side effects of Sustanon

  • Frequent, painful, and prolonged erections
  • Skin alterations like acne or itching
  • Excessive red blood cell production
  • Possible risk of high blood pressure
  • Fluid retention
  • Ejaculation disorders
  • Cause infertility issue due to decrease in sperm production

Hormone imbalance is capable of impacting or hindering myriad hormone function as well as metabolism in the body. Therefore, before you add Sustanon consider the advantages and drawbacks it has.

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