How To Make Your Book A Bestseller Even When You’re New In The Market

How To Make Your Book A Bestseller Even When You’re New In The Market

In today’s time when there are more writers than readers, it’s very tough to write a book and make it best seller. In fact, there are plenty of people who write books, but sadly 1% of them make it to the best seller’s list. In case you aspire to be the best selling writer, then you will need to start thinking just like all those who fall in the top 1% slab. Here are a few suggestions that can help you in this regard and make sure that your book becomes a bestseller-

Understand Your Audience

As a writer, you should know what your audience expects from you. Until you get hold of this issue, there are very limited chances of you making it to the top of the list. So before working on your other plans to write a best-seller, first focus on your audience and learn them effectively. Even if this process takes some time, go ahead without any second though, as you will reap amazing benefits at a later stage.

Be A Storyteller, Let Editor Do His Job

Nowadays, writers keep themselves busy in everything starting from thinking about the story, creating a plot, thinking of an amazing ending, editing the book and promoting it on various social media channels. They are so occupied with all these things that they even forget their first job, which is but to tell a story. Everything else can be managed by others, but unless they have a story worth reading, there is hardly any chance of them making it to top 1% writers’ list.

As a writer, you should pay attention to storytelling and leave everything else for experts. For editing the book, you can hire an expert providing professional book editing services in your area. For social media marketing and PR, you can hire other candidates having ample experience in this field. By this way, you cannot only save yourself from unnecessary trouble and hassled job but also utilize the right set of people for the right job, thereby getting better results than the ones you would get otherwise.

Keep these points in mind to make your book a bestseller.

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