Get Best Deal for Used Car: Use the 4 Mind Game Tricks

Get Best Deal for Used Car: Use the 4 Mind Game Tricks

The demand and supply of used cars in India is almost neck to neck. However, sellers often complain about not getting a good deal for used Chevrolet Beat in Bangalore. This may be because they are not using the right channel to sell their used car or they are not approaching the deal in the right manner.

Here are a few behavioural tricks that you can use to get the best deal.

Maintain Eye Contact

One of the best ways of establishing trust with your buyer is to maintain steady eye contact. If you do not look them in the eye or keep on averting your eyes frequently it can make them suspicious.

Use Positive Body Language

Although some people do not realize it, their body language does influence the deal in a negative manner. When talking to your buyer you need to appear forthcoming and honest. Standing with your hands crossed over your chest makes you look stubborn and arrogant. Similarly resting your hands on your hips may make you look laid back and not seriously interested in selling the car. Rather you can shake hands with the buyer or smile at appropriate times to build a rapport.

Be Accommodating

A buyer will not like to deal with a seller who is not ready to adjust to the buyer’s ideas or is not ready to accommodate their requests. So rather than always insisting on things going your way, you can try to adjust to the buyer’s recommendation to make it easy for them to deal with you.

Smile Appropriately

Smile is probably one of the most underused behavioural tactic. Yet it is the most effective. No one likes to deal with a grumpy personality. A small smile every few minutes will just earn you some brownie points.


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