Five Best Places of Scuba Dive in Indonesia

Five Best Places of Scuba Dive in Indonesia

Vacation is one of the best ways to maintain your sanity after numerous workloads you receive from your office every day. In Indonesia, there are a lot of places and activities you can do to relieve your stress. For diving enthusiasts, a lot of great places to dive in Indonesia and in this article, we will mention five of them.

The following list will elaborate five best places of scuba dive in Indonesia:


  • Bali Islands: there are various reasons why this island is a popular tourist destination. Bali dose not only offer best surfing sites, but also become one among the best areas to dive. A lot of divers love this island thanks to the magnificent shore-based activities surrounded by scenery of wonderful volcanoes and lavish rice terraces. You will see seagrass beds, deep drop-offs, volcanic outcrops, steep banks, famous wrecks of war ships, and coral ridges. Some of the best sites are Candi Dasa, Nusa Penida, Tulamben, and Lembongan islands.
  • Bunaken Islands: this island is also one among the finest diving areas in Indonesia. This diving site is very popular among tourists around the world. Situated at the northern area of Sulawesi Island, Bunaken provides extremely rich marine creatures. It also offers a great experience of diving in clear and mesmerizing water. The sites has seventy different corals, large amount of fish species, black and white tip sharks, saltwater crocodile, five species of sea turtles, dugongs, and barracuda. It also offers a top notch wall diving.
  • Komodo Islands: This tourist destination is very popular among worldwide divers. It provides a paradise for tropical diving with its pinnacles and deep walls, colorful and calm shallow reefs, and large varieties of marine life, from sharks to reef fishes. This place can be considered as the center of scuba diving thanks to its coral reefs and rich marine wildlife. You can also see the world’s biggest lizard called Komodo, in this island.
  • Togian Islands: situated the north of Sulawesi Island, this place is a chain of islands that offer an amazing experience of diving. Most of the diving sites are still unexploited, which can give the feel of exploring the unknown. There are so many dive site in this chain of islands, and you have to visit at least three of them to see the big pictures of the marine ecosystems in Togian Islands.
  • Raja Ampat: situated in the northwest area of Papua, this island can be considered as the most popular dive area in Indonesia. This tourist destination is recommended by a lot of nature travelers. As an archipelago with 1500 small islands, the site offers magnificent marine wildlife with around 1200 species of fishes. With its crystal clear water, you will have a mesmerizing view of colorful marine creatures. If you are lucky, you can even see whale sharks.

The paragraphs above already explain about some recommended places for scuba diving in Indonesia. Every site offers their own experience. However, visiting one of them would be enough to unleash your stress if you only have limited time.

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